How To Improve Foot Health

  1. Free your feet

You should try to remove your shoes as often as possible in order to expose them to the air. This will help keep your feet dry and cool and ensure they’re looking good for foot photography.

  1. Get some sun

Sunlight is naturally germicidal. Therefore, once the sun is out, allow your feet to enjoy the sunlight. This is a good idea if you’re planning on selling foot images online or on OnlyFans.

  1. Take off your nail polish

In order for your nails and toenails to remain healthy, they need to breathe. Unfortunately, nail polish prevents good airflow to your nails. It also blocks the sunlight and even topical medication from penetrating them. So, be sure to remove your nail polish when you can. If you do need to paint them, use Toenails Polish which is a lot safer.

  1. Don’t wear cotton socks

Unfortunately, cotton works to trap moisture and this makes it easier for fungus to grow. It is best to wear socks that are made from materials that wick away sweat and moisture such as bamboo or merino wool. You can also wear socks that are made using moisture wicking technology.

  1. Use naturally shaped shoes

Once you need to wear shoes, you should purchase shoes that are naturally shaped so that they don’t compress your toes or force your feet into an unnatural shape. This will ensure that the edges of your toenails don’t rub on your shoes.

  1. Thin and trim your nails

In order to thin and trim your nails, you can do nail debridement. This is typically done in most podiatric offices. Alternatively, you can simply use an Emory board along with nail clippers in order to trim them on your own. This is essential to get rid of nail that is infected by fungus. It helps by removing the majority of the infected nail so that the healthy nail is exposed so that topical medication can be placed on it.

  1. Use topical antifungal cream

After you have trimmed and thinned your nails, be sure to use a topical antifungal cream on them. You should apply this cream for at least 5 nights per week on each nail bed. Once the cream has been applied, place plastic wrap on top of your nails. This will ensure that the medication actually stays on them.

Here are some other good tips and tricks for foot photographs