Tips & Tricks For Foot Photography

Foot photos are extremely important if you’re looking at selling your foot photos on the internet or OnlyFans.

Do Your Due Diligence

If you want to make the most of this opportunity, you should do your homework to see which option would work the best for you. Once you do the ground work, it will definitely pay off in the long run. You should also look at reviews for various websites to ensure they have a good reputation.

Look At Your Competition

Next, you need to be aware of what is actually selling. This means looking at other photos and taking note of the most popular ones.

Check out these photos thoroughly and take note of the settings, props as well as the feet. Check for details such as the state of the toenails, shoes, presence of jewelry etc.

Once you find particular photos that you like and sell well, you should try to copy them. Be sure to add tweaks to your own photos so that they could be better.

Quality Photos

Once you are committed to selling your feet photos, ensure that every shot is of high quality – here are some tips for photos. You can use your Apple or Android phone to take these photos or you can purchase a suitable camera.

The background is extremely important and you should get a couple of props to use in your photos.

In order to get the highest quality photos, you may need to buy a high quality camera. Alternatively, you can buy a new phone with better specs.

It is also worth your time to do a photography course so you can learn how to take beautiful photos and implement expert tips.

There are lots of great photography courses that you can take on websites like Udemy. These courses are quite affordable and they are full of professional tips that will help make your photos stand out.

Use Props

By purchasing a couple of props, they can truly elevate your photos. In addition to the expected props such as stockings and shoes, other great props include flowers, lotion etc.

You can create exceptional photos using lit candles which can create a specific mood or hide shadows for the photos.

Consider Your Background

Your feet will need to rest on a surface. So, consider what you will use since a background of a sandy beach, beautiful lawn or even petals will look a lot more appealing than a bed sheet or worn out carpet.

Lighting is quite essential since photos that have too many shadows or photos that are overexposed won’t look great.

You can embellish your feet using temporary tattoos, nail polish, anklets and more.


Good lighting is essential for any type of photo, including foot photography. The best type of light is natural light, however, you do need to avoid shadows or glare.

You can even use the flashlight on your phone to get extra light when necessary to get photos of healthy feet.

Another option is LED lighting, however, you do need to be careful to avoid shadows. Be sure to experiment with positioning to find the best angle.