Stolen OnlyFans Content And Ways To Remove It

OnlyFans content and OnlyFans videos are regularly stolen – however you can get it removed and we’ve some tips below to help.

When posting images online, it is important to know that they can get stolen.

Copyright infringement has rapidly become a major problem since it is really easy to do.

There are many people that are unaware when it comes to copyright laws, and they are under the impression that when images are shared online, these can be taken and used.

The matter becomes even worse when companies use content that is stolen and then try and use it for their own commercial purposes. Some companies even use these images for selling their own services and products.

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OnlyFans content off the web. They can help guide you on how to deal with stolen content problems and assist you in making the OnlyFans leaks that we are seeing regularly a lot less problematic. They have already helped countless (hundreds of) OnlyFans creators to remove content that now appears on other websites as well as how to take control back of their materials as legitimate copyright holders. They have assisted us with this guide below, and should you need any further assistance you can contact them directly about stolen OnlyFans content removal.

How Can You Tell When A Image Has Been Stolen?

There are a few ways to keep watch for photos or content that has been stolen and used without your permission. Some of these methods involve a more proactive approach when you compare them to others.

Conduct A Reverse Search For Stolen OnlyFans Images

When you believe that someone has stolen your images, you can conduct reverse image searches to find out if there are any places that are using an unauthorized copy of your photo or image. If you regularly post images online, you should be doing these reverse image searches often. There are several services you can use to conduct these tasks. Google Images is currently the most reliable and popular option available. TinEye is also a great tool to check out. There are also many options to conduct mobile reverse image searches which can help you to protect your photos.

With a Google Image search, you can either upload your stolen content on the site or post the link that you shared online. It is important to ensure that your image URL has ended in JPG (and not the URL).

Use An Online Monitoring Service

If you have lots of images shared online, it is advisable to invest in a service that will monitor how your photos are used online. Pixsy is one of the common services relating to this category which is available with a “free plan” that allows you to protect a maximum of 500 images from turning into stolen OnlyFans content.

This company helps with image monitoring and recouping your lost income that has resulted from stolen OnlyFans images. With this service, you will be liable for service fees that could be up to 50% of what the company has secured your business for.

How To Prevent Stolen Only Fans Images

Before you start tracking down stolen OnlyFans content, you can take a few proactive steps to make it more difficult for anyone to steal these items, to begin with. If you haven’t been proactive before these types of theft, it can become a challenge for you to prove that you own this content.

Register Your Images To Prevent Stolen Content

There are several methods to register images that will provide proof that they belong to you and stop them from becoming the victim of theft. If you are forced into a dispute with the person that is stolen the content, the easiest way to prove ownership is through the United States Copyright Office. This reduces the likelihood of stolen OnlyFans images and videos.

How To Register Your Images

Lenstag is well-known for assisting individuals to recover their stolen photography equipment, and it provides a way for photographers to register the cameras and lenses that they own on this website to prove that they are the owners. This site also offers image-protection services dedicated to photos.

Use Watermarking For Your Only Fans Images

Some people do not like watermarks since they can be an eyesore. Yet it can help to deter potential thieves before they decide to steal. Small watermarks are not recommended since they are easy to crop out. Think about the placement of the watermark to ensure it is covering the image. Photoshop is a great image-editing software that will allow you to add watermarks which will reduce the chances of stolen OnlyFans content.

If you are concerned about the theft of images from your own personal website as one of the OnlyFans creators but you would prefer not to compromise the quality of the image, then go for a watermark that is subtle. Your goal should be focused on making sure your watermark is very difficult to remove.

Crop Part Of The Image Before It Can Become Stolen OnlyFans Content

If you ever have to provide proof that you are the owner of an original photo, crop a small section of this photo before you publish it. This can help you when it comes to proving originality with the use of continuity.

How To Deal With Stolen OnlyFans Content Theft

One of the options that most people assume is better when dealing with online theft is to use litigation. However, these processes are complex, especially when you have no experience in these dealings. It will cost you a lot of money to hire the services of an attorney, and it can be very frustrating to pay a lawyer when nothing comes out of it. Some people have spent loads of money and time on litigation only to discover that the firm that they were trying to sue is no longer operational. Some also choose to settle by paying for the image they have stolen, but not the fees for the attorney.

Option One: Reach Out To The Individual Or Company First

It is always a better idea to try and contact the owner of the website or the company first rather than going the route of litigation when you have noticed the theft. Most of the online websites will have contact information for you to use. Others will have a “Contact Us” page where you can try to make contact with the owner of the website. From here you can contact the person or company and request that they remove the stolen content or images that they are using on the website without any permission from you as the owner.

It is also advisable to wait and see if they respond. Some sites have made it easy to contact them, but you might not receive a reply. If you have tried to contact them with no response you can look up the contact information of the owner from their domain database. This can help you to find out who owns this website or how to reach them.

When checking on the page and you find that no contact information has been provided, or they have failed to respond, it is usually because they don’t want people contacting them. Your next step should involve creating a DMCA takedown request. If the search engine gives approval for a DMCA takedown notice, the search engine will penalize this site. This could also result in search engines removing the site completely. This will possibly damage the company and help them to learn from this lesson. This could be significant for a website that is relying on search engines to generate traffic. Content that has been stolen could be making other companies money (at your expense), don’t allow this to happen.

Option Two: Use A DMCA Takedown Notice To Remove Stolen OnlyFans Content

The DMCA notices can help out a lot. This process involves making a request directly through a search engine, which in the majority of the cases will be Google. Google is still the main search website and when visiting Google, you will notice an option called “legal-removal requests”. There is a page on the Google site that is dedicated to “takedown requests” which is dedicated to stolen content for OnlyFans.

You will be required to provide information before you submit it. From here, Google will deal with the rest. In a few weeks, you should receive a decision relating to your request. When your website features OnlyFans content, you have to ensure that the form was filled out properly and provide Google with all the information that they need.

The same process applies to other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and any other one that has the forms available to remove content that you own from an infringing website. 

Option Three: Litigation Around Stolen Content For OnlyFans Creators

If you are an OnlyFans creator and you have already tried the first two options without any success, then your final option will be litigation. There are certain cases when you may be forced into choosing litigation as your first option.

For example, if a really big enterprise has committed a copyright infringement and they have stolen OnlyFans content which they have used in a really large advertising campaign, it might not be the best idea to try and make contact with the company or use a DMCA takedown request. In these cases, it is best to hire the services of a good lawyer. If it is a large company generating a large amount of income, all OnlyFans creators will get paid for these damages and it will be much easier to recover your litigation costs. If it is a small firm or an individual that has stolen your content, rather try option 1 or 2 first.

We suggest starting with option one first before you decide to move on to option two. You should also consider how much it is going to cost you for each option. These processes can become a challenge, yet you could increase your success when you use the tips mentioned above. As an OnlyFans content creator, it is important that you protect the work you have done before it can get stolen, or use the tips mentioned above when you notice that another company or individual has stolen images or content that belongs to you.

As an OnlyFans creator, it is important to make sure people are not sharing content or images that belong to you online or taking away your opportunity to generate an income from OnlyFans or any other website. Paying subscribers will stop paying your fee or the pirated content can cause notable damage to an OnlyFans content creator.

The only options that you have as an OnlyFans content creator have been mentioned above. At the end of the day, this content is your “intellectual property” and anyone that is stealing this content is stealing copyrighted material. An OnlyFans account is something that can turn into something very profitable, so ensure you make the most of this account by making sure you are the copyright holder for any material you have created.

If you need assistance with content that has been stolen, contact VelSEOity for professional and expert advice.

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