How to Promote OnlyFans on Tinder to Get More Subscribers

When it comes to promoting your OnlyFans account, dating websites as well as dating apps are quite effective. However, you need to know how to actually make these things work. 

One of the largest dating apps around the world is Tinder which makes it perfect to get traffic to whatever type of platform that you wish to grow. 

We will be looking at how you can use Tinder to grow your OnlyFans account.  Keep in mind that there are both correct and incorrect ways of going about this. 

If you use wrong methods, this can cause your account to get banned before you get any sales. However, if you use the correct methods, then you’ll definitely get lots of sales and new subscribers. 

In this post, we will cover how you can use Tinder to promote your OnlyFans account and ensure you don’t get banned. 

The Main Way to Utilise Tinder for OnlyFans Subs are:

  • Add Lots Of Fantastic Photos
  • Gain attention using your main photo. 
  • This photo should grab people’s attention, be extremely sexy and bright. 

In addition to having a main photo, you should also post at least two or three additional photos that are also excellent quality. 

Avoid Talking About Your OnlyFans on Tinder

It is imperative that you avoid talking about OnlyFans while on Tinder. This means you should avoid saying anything about it in your direct messages, in your bio etc. 

Now, you will need to still find a way to get new OnlyFans subscribers without directly talking about or linking to your OnlyFans account. 

To do this, you should promote another platform that you are on such as Snapchat or even Instagram. You can place a link to your Instagram or Snapchat profile in your Tinder bio. On the other profiles, you can have a link to your OnlyFans account. 

Tip: You can respond to direct messages and link to linktree or allmylinks as oppose to your Snapchat or Instagram account. 

Create A Great Bio on Tinder to Promote OnlyFans

The entire point of having this Tinder profile is to get leads to your OnlyFans account 24/7, even while you’re asleep. 

Then, once you get these leads, they will result in new Snapchat and Instagram followers. 

Be sure that you write a bio that is appealing and encourages people to follow you there. 

You definitely don’t want your account to appear as though it is a bot account. So, make sure that your pictures and bio look and feel as real as possible. 

Examples of good bios include:
  • Are there any good guys out there? IG: Username
  • I’m tired of having my heart broken. I just want to meet someone genuine. IG: Username
  • Are you one of the good ones? Snapchat: Username

This lets guys know that they have the potential to connect with you and maybe meet in real life one day.

The majority of guys on Tinder are looking for a girlfriend and aren’t just looking for attention in most cases. 

Direct People To Your Snapchat/Instagram Account

These two social media platforms are highly recommended since the majority of people will have accounts on these platforms. You should avoid using WhatsApp since most scammers use it due to it being untraceable. 

You should definitely place your Instagram and Snapchat accounts within your Tinder description. 

It is actually quite simple to get lots of new followers once you’re a visually appealing female. You actually don’t have to do anything at all!

Your Profile Should Appear “Normal”

Your Tinder profile should look like any other girl’s Tinder profile. 

You should avoid posting any nude photos and the majority of your photos should not be half nude. 

It is okay to have one half nude photo, but it should be a beach photo and not an obscene photo or a video of indecent conduct. 

If you do, then this basically shows the fact that you’re trying to get new OnlyFans subscribers. 

Your display picture or Tinder profile picture should be well lit, be sexy and easily grab and hold attention. 

Your Tinder bio should be complementary to your photos. It shouldn’t sound as though you only want a boyfriend and should be casual.

All of these things will help you promote your OnlyFans on Tinder.

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