How to Use Discord to Promote OnlyFans

Driving members directly to your server doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated since there are various techniques you can employ to increase your member numbers and build an engaging server. By getting the name of your Discord server out there, your server will get several new members and will subsequently become more active.

If you want to popularise your Discord server, this read will provide you with a step-by-step guide, and will show you the best methods how to promote your OnlyFans.

We will look at some of the top tips to use Discord to promote OnlyFans Accounts

1. Add Your Server to Server Listings

If you are looking to push your OnlyFans via a Discord server to the Internet, one of the top techniques you can use to popularise your server is including it in the server listings. These listings have descriptions and links of servers ranging various categories and can be an excellent method of pushing your server to those searching for new servers to become members.

If you want an entire catalogue of server listings to include your server, I’ve also written a guide covering the top server listings to market your server on.

Make Sure to Have a Description

When incorporating your server-to-server listings, ensure that you include a description that gives an overview of your server. You can make use of text fonts, emoji, and other effects in your description to give it more life.

Your description should cover your server objectives, the type of niche, and so forth.

2. Host Events

Hosting events on a Discord server to promote OnlyFans is an excellent method of boosting the popularity of your server and assists in fostering a more active server; this will generally result in a spike in member numbers. 

When you host events, your server will receive traction since server members are more inclined to invite their friends, which subsequently leads to more members and a more active server.

You can use the voice channels of your server to host events, for instance, casual chat, a discussion, or a music function whereby members can make song requests and listen to them.

These types of events will assist in cultivating a strong, online fraternity.

3. Promote on Promotion-Related Servers

There are various servers available that enable you to market your own server. You can provide your own server credentials and invitation link to most of these servers.

If you’re searching for Discord servers to market on, just look for servers that have the ‘advertising’ keyword on sites, there are numerous examples of these in my guide on Discord server finders. When you’ve located some servers to market on, you can proceed to provide your link, but ensure that you’ve included a description also!  

Ensure that your description is as detailed as possible. You want your prospective members to be aware of the advantages of joining your server along with the sort of content they can expect moving forward. So ensure that you’ve illuminated your server in the best light!

Tip: Remember not to add several entries or spam your server because this could result in a temporary kick or ban. These servers are providing you with the chance to market yourself, so although you can capitalize on this, respect the community by marketing your server twice at the very most. When you enter multiple entries, you’ll lose access. 

4. Social Media, Discord and OnlyFans

You can market your Discord server to promote OnlyFans  using social media platforms, to draw in more members to your server.

You can post on Twitter, Instagram (or make an Insta story), Facebook and other social platforms. If you’re already on TikTok or Snapchat, you can make invitations using those platforms as well. Generally, any social platform on which you’re active is a good source to reel in new subscribers.

That aside, remember not to spam your server link, just choose a few platforms and post a single link on those. After a few weeks have lapsed, you can repeat it again in case somebody has missed your first story or post. However, don’t go over the top with the adverts, as you don’t want to come off as a nuisance shoving your product down their throats.

When it comes to the Reddit platform, you can market your server on the r/discordservers subreddit, they support server advertisement there!

5. Use of Your Social Media Platforms to Promote OnlyFans on your Discord

Do you have a Twitter account? Facebook page? YouTube Channel? Any of the mentioned social channels with active followers are excellent platforms to promote your OnlyFans via a Discord server. If the majority of persons in these channels use the same domain, then you can use these channels to promote on.

For instance, if you have a Facebook group that posts gaming memes, and also have a server with gaming-related news and contains a gaming community, chances are that persons in your Facebook circle may take interest in the server. So venture your promotion efforts into unlikely channels since these are excellent avenues to get like-minded persons interested in your server.

Channels you can try out include:

  • Facebook Messenger groups
  • Forums you’re a member
  • Instagram
  • Twitch
  • Your Twitter/Instagram/YouTube accounts
  • Other Discord servers you run or are a member

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