How to Take, Create and Edit Amazing Video to Push Your OnlyFans

Many people (and companies) today use video marketing to promote their products and brands, online and offline. This is evident in the millions of videos uploaded on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms in the form of tutorials, explainer videos, and personalized adverts. Influencer marketing has also taken center stage in this niche, with businesses and entrepreneurs partnering with influencers to get their products known and generate sales. 

There’s more to using videos to market your product/brand than simply shooting a clip and uploading online. For starters, proper planning, execution, and quality play a crucial role in determining how successful your OnlyFans marketing campaign will be. Your video editing skills will also play a significant role in the video’s performance on these platforms. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to create and edit your videos like a pro.

Tips to Edit OnlyFans Videos like a Pro

1. Keep Them Short 

Although you might not know this, very few people will watch a 3-minute video clip to the end. At the very best, they will skip several parts of the video to the end, while others will skip the video to the next. This, according to research, is because most individuals have a relatively short attention span of 8 seconds maximum. It would thus be advisable to keep your influencer videos short and to the point for the best results. 

2. Have A Plan 

Proper planning and preparation are key to creating/shooting an impactful clip. Creating shot video clips can be quite a challenge, especially when you have a lot to show or talk about. Luckily, most experienced influencers know how to captivate the viewer’s attention long enough to get the message through. Although you, the brand, can give directions on what is to be achieved, a good influencer will know exactly how to execute and drive the message home. How the video starts (introduction) and ends (conclusion, call to action, etc.) will determine how viewers will react and the substance provided. 

3. Include or Add A Call-To-Action 

Catching the viewer’s attention on the first 3 seconds of a video is one thing; ending it perfectly is another. A good video clip with a good call to action might not achieve much in the overly competitive world. You want to craft a smooth but effective way to end your video to drive traffic and sales, where possible. 

4. Do Multiple Takes For One Clip 

Video production is time and labor-intensive. Everything needs to fall in place perfectly to create an impact. Experts thus recommend taking multiple shoots for each session, perfecting it with every shoot. It would also be advisable to group videos by location. This is especially important when doing numerous shots for each or different scene. Doing so reduced the need to set up the equipment again in the same location. Taking multiple shots in one location is relatively easy and straightforward. All you’d need is to change your dress code or theme to match the specific reason for the clip. 

5. Be Careful With Lighting 

Adequate lighting is needed to get that perfect shot and clarity. Whether doing product reviews, explainer videos, or tutorials, you need to ensure the subject is adequately illuminated to reveal everything in detail. A simple lighting setup, such as a selfie-light ring, can go a long way in taking the perfect shot with your phone or camera. 

There’s no better lighting than natural light. You would, however have to choose just the right time of the day and location to make a good shot with little to no shadows. Shooting in a shaded area with the sun up also helps increase exposure, paving the way for a perfect shot. 

6. Add Subtitles 

Subtitles are crucial, especially for viewers that love watching videos with their phones on silent. It makes it easy for the viewer to understand the video better even when in a noisy environment or does not wish to have earphones on. There are plenty of easy ways to add subtitles to your videos for easy access. 

7. Avoid Cross-Posting 

While you might be looking to get maximum exposure for your videos, cross-posting might not be advisable for a number of reasons. First, some of your videos might look great on specific platforms, say TikTok, but have a poor orientation and appear pixilated on YouTube or Facebook. Dimensions of the video thus matter when posting videos on most platforms. Take time to understand what orientation the platform uses/recommends before cross-posting. 

If possible, consider shooting different videos for each of these platforms, especially those that use/prefer different video orientations, but with the same subject matter/content where applicable. This is the only way you can be sure to keep/maintain the required orientation, resolution, and video size. 

Top 7 Video Editing Apps Influencers Use

1. InShot 

InShot provides an easy-to-use interface and also allows users to add text captions to their videos. Many influencers prefer InShot for its Zoom-in and Out feature. This feature makes it possible for one to zoom in and out of subjects for an improved experience. It also enables editing vertical or horizontal video uploads, an option many other platforms do not offer. You can also splice, trim, and add titles, transitions, and background music to match the theme of the video. Other handy features include adding filters, speeding up clips, and inserting special features for a more polished product. 

2. Clips  

Clips is one of the best free video editing apps, loved by thousands of influencers. It offers, among other features, immersive camera effects and the ability to add photos or videos to a clip in a single tap. Clips also let users have fun with their clips by allowing fun emojis, filters, stickers, and other features to their videos. It’s also worth mentioning that Clips has a built-in custom ‘subtitles feature where the app accurately displays the exact words said. 

3. VideoShow 

VideoShow is a one-stop shop for every video creator’s editing needs. It also has an easy-to-use interface which again allows content creators to add items and other creations to their videos for originality. Most content creators use VideoShow as it is feature-rich with fine-tuning tools that make it possible to create cinematic quality content. It also allows one to add text, stickers, music, and special effects to their clips with just a few taps. 

4. A Color Story 

As the name suggests, A Color Story is the app to go for when looking to add vivid filters to your videos. There are tons of both free and paid filters you can use in your video creations. This is the one thing it has the edge over all other video editing apps on the market today. 

5. Animoto 

Animoto makes it possible for content creators to create professional-grade slideshows from videos and photos in just a few minutes. You can create up to a 10-minute video with the free version and even longer on the premium-pain option. Creating slideshows is as simple as selecting what you want to showcase and hitting compile – the app then does its magic. 

6. Canva Free Online Video Editor 

This is one of the simplest, easy to use, free, and most versatile video editors you can ever use. While free, it offers thousands of templates that one can customize to fit their specific needs. Canva allows one to edit videos effortlessly to produce professional-grade content for their audience. The best thing about this is that you can schedule when these videos should be uploaded to various social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Canva provides almost all the features and tools you’d find only on expensive, paid video editing software’s. 

7. Horizon

Most influencers use Horizon as their ultimate tool for converting videos from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa. It also enables Tilt to Zoom, where a creator can zoom in and out of the subject with their device. Anyone looking to create top-quality video clips in landscape mode will find Horizon quite capable. In addition to the tilt-to-zoom feature, Horizon also enables slow-motion video editing. This is one of the most sought out features, especially when highlighting key moments in a clip. The app also makes it possible to upscale videos up to 2K for that clear and crisp picture. It is thus the go-to video editing app when looking to create an engaging video clip for improved lead conversions.

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