How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans

OnlyFans has become the biggest platform for selling and buying adult-exclusive content online. This platform provides foot models to make good money selling their feet videos and feet pictures.

It is free to create an OnlyFans account. When someone subscribes to your account by paying the subscription fee, the platform keeps 20%. Creators can lock content on OnlyFans so that only their subscribers can access it. This makes it a great platform to sell feet pictures on – check our our guide to taking amazing photos.

How much can a creator make selling OnlyFans feet pics?

This article is going to look at how much foot fetish content creators can make on OF and how to sell feet pics. Before covering that, let’s first look at how you can start to make money on OF as a feet model.

Is it Profitable to Sell Foot Pics?

Look at the rates and then you can decide if it is profitable. When you sell Onlyfeet pics online, you can earn as low as $5 and as high as $100. This provides feet models a way to make easy money. So, how to sell feet pics online?

It is going to depend on your average selling price, experience, and your returning customers. There are some who are making more than $2000 on OnlyFans by selling their feet pics and videos on the platform.

When you sell feet pics the rates used on a picture vary from one to another because it depends on many factors.  The buyer you are selling to, image quality, and demand are some of the factors that are going to determine how much you can charge for your pics. 

Selling feet pictures is a profitable venture for you because it doesn’t take much time to prepare for a shot. It is best to look at the industry standards when determining your rates.

Be careful not to choose more or less the industry standard because it won’t do much to help you secure a good customer when you’re selling feet pics. No one likes ambiguous rates, whether it is a seller or a potential buyer.

How to Sell Feet Pics on OnlyFans

How to Sell Feet Picturess Online – Mindset Matters

Making money online by selling feet pcitures is not an idea for everyone. It is going to involve putting yourself out there a bit and going out of your comfort zone – and at times even far from it.

If you manage to find a market for your foot photo business on OnlyFans, then the rewards for selling feet pictures will be worth it.

Something that people have to overcome is wondering if their feet are good enough to make them money selling pictures of feet images.

Even though I have not seen them, I can tell you your feet are good enough. Whether you think that they are ugly, pretty, or just wrong to show off online, then just know that there are some who are going to love them just the way they are.

This space is very inclusive, and there are people out there who like foot photos that you put out.

The market has many sub-niches, and you will find somewhere to fit in. male or female- everyone is included.

You should work on being comfortable enough to have your feet in front of the camera and you are going to be comfortable in no time.

There are some who get a home pedicure and pamper themselves so they start getting into the mindset. You will feel like your feet are ready for the spotlight.

What do you need before you start to sell feet pics on OnlyFans and online? 

If you’re thinking for selling feet pics online on OnlyFans, then you need to consider a few different things before you make money selling pictures.

Many people don’t give their feet the attention they deserve during the monsoon and then panic when they realize their tootsies are not in a good condition.

Foot Care Tips for Creators

Going for pedicures regularly can be costly, making it a good idea to get rid of cracked heels, chipped toenails, and dry skin. The following six-step guide is going to help you get the feet you always want.

Step one – how to sell feet pictures

The first step is giving your feet a good soak. Put some bath salts into your tub. Put your feet inside and leave them to soak for 5-10 minutes. The process softens the feet and makes it easy to remove dead skin when you exfoliate. Soaking your feet is also a good way to soothe your feet after a long tiring day for pretty feet.

Step two – how to sell feet pictures

The next stage is to get rid of dead skin. Get yourself a foot scrub; look for one that is made from natural pumice and exfoliants for buffing and polishing rough and dry skin. This leaves your feet smooth and soft. Consider exfoliating once or twice a week if you want them to look good. You should make feet care part of your beauty ritual, the same way you have one for your body and face. This will help with close up shots too.

Step three – how to sell feet pics

After you scrub, rinse your feet and then pat them dry. The feet as still damp at this point. Smooth away the calloused skin using a pumice stone or a foot file, and pay close attention to the heels and balls of your feet because that is where hard skin usually forms.

Step four – how to sell feet pics

When your feet feel silky smooth, you should moisturize them to prevent dry skin and keep them soft. A body lotion or foot cream is going to help a lot. Your skin will be hydrated and refreshed. Don’t use greasy lotions especially if you are going to wear sandals after your pedicure. They will attract dust and your feet will become dirty. That said knowing foot fetishes, some people prefer dirty feet.

Step five  – how to sell feet pictures

The next step in foot care is your toes. Give your nails a trim first – you can use clippers to do this. Be careful not to cut them too short because they can cause infection. Smooth out rough edges and shape the nails using a nail file. When you do this, keep them square because they prevent ingrown toenails.

Step six  – how to sell feet pics

Use cuticle oil or cream because it moisturizes and nourishes them to make them softer and smoother. When the skin softens, push the cuticles back using a wooden cuticle stick. When you are done, apply a layer of your favorite bright nail polish.

Is OnlyFans a Good Platform to use for Selling Feet Pics Online? 

Below are some reasons if you are not yet convinced that OnlyFans is profitable for selling feet pics. The forum of the platform is easy to use and with minimal restrictions when it comes to selling feet pictures. You don’t need to have a specific device before using the platform.

You don’t have to worry about unnecessary interruptions when you use the platform. Only your subscribers are going to see your feed and your feet pictures. 

There are no eligibility criteria you have to use to sell feet pictures. If you want to be eligible to start, you need to have an account and application for monetization. When you are done with that, you can start selling your feet on OnlyFans and start making money. 

If you want other options, then there are a lot of options you can choose from to sell feet pictures. You can go to relevant websites or social media platforms and anywhere people have formed groups where they have shared interests including foot pics.

How to find an audience for your OnlyFans feet pics

OnlyFans has become one of the best platforms, but you need to keep in mind that they don’t give you exposure to sell foot pics online. If you are to make money on the platform, you have to bring a customer to the platform to sell your feet pics. The good thing is there are some things you can do to grow your OnlyFans page.

If you want to have an audience for your feet pics profile on OnlyFans, an important thing to do is create an Instagram and Reddit account for your foot pictures. You have to upload your feet pics or videos for free on these platforms. Yes, you are not going to get paid or make more money for that. When you have a following on Instagram, you can create an OF page and then start uploading your feet pics. Advertise feet pics to your Instagram and Reddit followers so they can subscribe to your OnlyFans and you can make money selling feet pics.

How to sell OnlyFans feet pics online :

Below is a step-by-step guide that is going to help you get started with selling feet pics via an OnlyFans account. Here are a few tips to get in front of the right audience.

  • Creating an account on Instagram, OnlyFans, and Reddit to sell youpicturesr feet pics
  • Start building your following on Reddit and Instagram and populate your OF page with foot pictures
  • When there is a considerable following on your Reddit and Instagram, use it to market your OnlyFans foot pics page
  • Keep uploading and updating your social media posts and also be active on OF. You can also charge users who want personal requests for foot images.
  • That is how simple it is to get started with selling your feet pics or videos on OnlyFans.

Check out our Reddit guide.

There are other sites you can use in selling your feet content

OnlyFans is not just the only platform that you can use to sell feet pics, there are other platforms you can use for selling feet pictures online.

Some of the sites you can use for selling your feet pics and videos include:

  • Feet Finder: which is the number one site for selling feet pics for a foot model. Feet Finder is well known and a lot of people use and buy foot pics from it
  • Feetify
  • Instafeet
  • You can also use your Instagram as a social media platform to sell feet pics online platform. Other social media platforms aren’t as easy to sell photos on or utilise.

These are the basics covered on how to sell your feet pics on OnlyFans

Below are some tips that will go a long way in helping you get started with a successful business of selling feet pics on OnlyFans and videos on OnlyFans.

Uploading High-Quality Feet Photos and Videos

Once you have set up the account and it is running, you can start uploading feet content. You need to try your best to post as many feet pics and videos as possible. Make an effort of posting at least a picture or video a day. You can skip a pic post if you are uploading exclusive content.

You can post adult-exclusive content because all OnlyFans users are adults. This includes feet fetish videos and foot porn. There are subscribers out there ready to pay you more for this type of content.

How to Take Gorgeous Foot Photos

If you have been thinking about making from home by selling your feet pictures, this article has you covered and will have you creating high quality photos for sale in no time.

The feet sell feet pics

Any type of feet can be used to make money. The more natural your feet are the better. This means you can leave the toe hairs alone. Don’t be too worried that the feet are gross looking or too weird. There are many people who are into gross and weird feet. This doesn’t excuse poor foot health though. Your feet need to be clean. Invest in a good foot mask or scrub. Get a pair of nail clippers that come with a file attached.  The great thing about selling photos of feet is that you can remain anonymous.

The setting 

Get comfy because you are going to be there for a while. It takes time before you get the perfect shot. You don’t want to rush and end up lying or sitting at odd angles. There are different specialty pictures you can take. Try to be creative with the setting. Your clients are going to appreciate it if you mix it up a little. Many foot models do it from their homes.

Props help sell foot photos

It is easy to take raw dog photos of feet, but it is a good idea to employ a little creativity. If you are taking photos on the bed, curl the toes in the duvet or pull the sheets apart. Get fabrics with different textures and colors. Add toe rings or toe bangles or set up different feet poses for your bare feet. If you are ready to get messy, then you can use the veggies and fruits in your fridge that you weren’t planning to eat. Some people just want to see dirty soles. Remember foot fetishes are varied.

The lighting for the feet photos

Good lighting is important. You will find some saying that natural lighting is the only good lighting. That is not the truth. It is hard to guarantee good natural lighting, so you shouldn’t worry about closing the curtains and turning on the lights. When you are shooting, bring a lamp with you so you can shoot and adjust lighting if needed.

The shot 

The most important part of photography is composition. All the pieces might be there, but a bad shot can easily mess up everything. You should play with different angles. Try to do as many as possible regardless of props, setting, and lighting: you are going to get a great story for every different angle. Try out different locations and angles so you can end up with a couple of perfect options.

Knowing What Feet Lovers want from Feet Pictures Online

It is important to take time and figure out what the audience wants – this will help you sell photos. About 80-90% of those that buy feet pictures on OnlyFans have a feet fetish. There are those who like it when the feet have long toenails. There are some who want feet models OnlyFans creators to play with their feet, others just want dancing feet. All make good money selling feet pics.

Take time to know things that turn your subscribers on. Check out feet porn so you can learn about elements that make foot foreplay inviting. Tickle play, worshipping, and licking are some of the most common fetish content.

There is a foot fetish model known as Jason Stromm offering paid sessions that involves hypnotizing the audience through feet show. He makes over $4000 every month by selling feet pics and related content.

Make sure you feel comfortable when users make requests so you don’t end up feeling used for sexy feet pics. It’s easy to make money selling feet pictures – just make sure you’re happy to do so.

What are Best Places for Selling Feet Pics Outside of OnlyFans

Feet pics on OnlyFans can be very lucrative, however the internet is a large place with lots of other options to sell feet pics online. So, if you want to branch out from your feet pics on OnlyFans, then consider the sites below.

  1. Whisper

Are you someone looking to sell feet pictures anonymously? If so, this app is for you.

Whisper is an application that you can find on both the App Store and the Play Store. The app currently has over 10 million downloads total between both stores. With Whisper, you can post and share feet pictures and videos completely anonymously.

It’s a completely free-to-use app. Best of all, you can monetize the pictures and videos you post without having to reveal your identity. All you need to do is create a free account and start posting your content and selling feet pics.

  1. Foap

This is another free app that is available on both iOS and Android. With this app, you can signup easily and start uploading and selling feet pictures.

You would take the photos with your smartphone and upload them directly to the app. There is a large community on Foap. Because of this, you have a large potential audience that you can benefit from. There are also Foap missions that you can partake in and contests you can enter to win prizes.

One of the benefits of Foap is that it’s not as strict as a lot of the other sites or apps on this list. One of the only downsides of the app is that they do cap the price you can sell your feet pictures for. They have a cap of $10 per picture. Also, Foap will take 50% of that.

If you don’t mind having to give Foap 50% of your earnings and you want to tap into a larger market, it’s a good marketplace to start selling feet pictures.

  1. is one of the community-driven platforms out there where every user can upload their feet pics to their profile called “my section.” From there, your feet pictures will be prominently displayed in the “my gallery” section where other members would have the chance to purchase them and you can make money selling feet pics.

There are a couple of different kinds of membership types available on this website. Each membership level comes with different content abilities and has different fees attached. The most affordable fee would be $20. With this tier, you can start selling your feet pictures for money.

A benefit of this site is the fact that users get access to the site for free. You only pay a fee to upload your content and start selling your feet pics on their platform.

  1. Feet Finder

Feet Finder is an increasingly popular social media platform where users can upload and share pics of their feet. This is good for a range of different users including brands and businesses looking for feet pics and those looking for them for personal reasons.

Thus, it makes for a good option to consider if you are trying to monetize and sell feet pics.

One of the key features of Feet Finder is the fact that you can monetize your feet pictures without giving away your identity. Being able to sell your feet’ pics anonymously is a major benefit for many users. It can help you retain your privacy while monetizing your feet’ pics. It’s also going to protect you from potential stalkers.

When you create an account, you don’t have to use your real name or information. You also don’t have to upload any pictures that show your face. This can help you effectively participate in the site without revealing your identity.

A good thing about Feet Finder has to be its market share. It’s one of the largest feet picture marketplaces across the globe. The company takes a total of 20% of your earned subscription fees and any video or picture sales. Thus, you end up keeping 80% of your total earnings which is relatively good.

  1. Tapatalk MousePad Groups

This is typically referred to as the single best female foot forum in the entire world for selling feet pics. This is an exclusive community where you can monetize your feet pics by selling them. Anyone that is searching for, “where to sell pictures of my girlfriend’s feet” would want to use this popular platform.

The Tapatalk community has over 70,000 members. Thus, if you want to have any kind of success on the platform, you would need to join, build out your community, and drive them to pay for your premium content.

  1. Insta Feet

This is a website that allows you to gain subscribers much like Patreon and OnlyFans. You can gatekeep access to your premium content like your feet pictures. You can upload and sell them on the platform.

With the platform, you can personalize the price that a subscriber pays. Keep in mind, they will take a total of 10% of all of your earnings. To join, you would need to apply. Not everyone gets accepted to it.

If you want to continue to participate, you will need to adhere to all of the guidelines for signing up and posting. When signing up, you’ll need to have and submit a valid photo ID before you begin selling feet pics.

You will get paid bi-weekly with this site. On average, you can expect to earn $7 per subscriber each month.

  1. Feetify

This particular platform is very similar to Feet Finder. However, the website is not free to use. You would need to purchase a subscription that costs either $97 for a year or $57 for 5 months. From there, you would keep all of your earnings instead of paying out a portion of your earnings. You will also need to be 18 years or older before you gain acceptance into the community before you start selling feet pics.

  1. Zazzle

Zazzle is a very popular personalized goods website. With Zazzle, you can create your merchandise using custom photos like feet pics. You will find that simple goods like a t-shirt or even a mug sell very well on the platform.

While you can sell images by yourself on the platform, they are going to go quicker if they are presented on something fun. You can find a lot of different items that you can use to sell your feet pics. They have built-in design tools that you can use to make creative products and help you sell feet pics.

One of the biggest tips to use if you are going to be leveraging Zazzle’s marketplace is to use tags. This helps ensure that people can find your items. You also want to ensure that you add relevant tags to your product description section. This ensures that they can search for things. You’ll also want to share your Zazzle store items across all social media platforms for more exposure.

  1. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest third-party marketplaces in the world. You can sell almost anything you could want on eBay as long as it’s not illegal. Because of this, you can certainly sell pictures of your feet. With eBay, you will be charged a certain percentage for all sales. Thus, you want to check to see how much of a cut they take. It’s going to be different based on whether or not you have a store subscription to begin selling feet pics.

eBay is a good marketplace with a user-friendly interface. You can place your feet pictures in front of a wide audience with eBay. You can also accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, and even PayPal. If you want to sell your feet pictures anonymously, you could create a new account to do so without it being linked to you.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is always a good place to go if you want to sell something. With Craigslist, you can pretty much sell whatever you want. It’s a classified ads marketplace. You can sell feet pics in a variety of ways on the platform. They even have a forum where you can discuss transactions with prospective buyers and begin selling feet pics.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is primarily a social media platform. It’s not a marketplace. However, it can be used to either drive traffic to sales channels or negotiate deals. You will want to join all of the subreddits that have your target market of those looking for foot pics.

If you have a website where you sell your feet pics, you could always link interested buyers to it. Posting on Reddit is also going to allow you to build a lot of high-quality backlinks to your website. This can be good for your organic rankings.

  1. Dollarfeet

This is a good platform to consider if you are looking to sell videos or photos of your feet online. However, you do need to be approved if you want to sell on this platform. You will typically only be accepted if you have wide heels and pink soles.

However, once approved, you will have the opportunity to start selling your photos or videos right away. A customer would have the chance to custom order videos where you can charge as much as $7 to $10 for a 5-minute video. Whereas, you can charge as much as $30 to $50 for one that is 10 minutes in duration and sell feet pics online.

  1. Foot Modeling Agencies

A foot modeling agency is an agency that primarily focuses on taking close-ups of the feet. If you have what is considered “good-looking” feet, you may wish to start earning money with them.

A foot modeling agency will always be looking for high-quality foot models. After all, they sell the services of their models to retailers and brands looking for foot models. Then, they take a cut of their client’s earnings.

A reputable modeling agency is not going to charge you upfront to work with them. However, they will ask to see quality photos and videos of your feet. This could be a good way to get your ‘foot’ in the door so to speak. A foot model can be used for various reasons. It can be a relatively lucrative career and you will typically have to travel frequently. However, you can earn up to hundreds per hour with it.

If you think that your feet would be in high demand, you have nothing to lose. Get in touch with a foot modeling agency and see how much they could earn you. Feet pics on OnlyFans sell well but these other options can help you

If you think that your feet would be in high demand, you have nothing to lose. Get in touch with a foot modeling agency and see how much they could earn you. Feet pics on OnlyFans sell well but these other options can help you sell feet pics and monetise elsewhere

Other ways of making money on OF

OnlyFans today is known for adult content, but that is not the only way of making money there.

Below are some other ways of making money on OF:

  • Posting swimsuit and lingerie modeling shots
  • Monetizing your expertise in a given area like; cooking tutorials and recipes
  • How-to’s and fitness routine videos
  • ASMR videos and voice recordings

Read our guide on OnlyFans and how to promote it here.

You might be wondering why people choose to pay for content when they can find it online for free. It is because the content comes from YOU. Make sure you bring personality and character when creating content because it is going to keep people interested and they will come back for more.

Selling feet pics on OnlyFans may seem like a weird step, however it can be very lucrative and people sell pictures to make thousands of dollars a month. Feet pictures are easy to create and can even be quite fun.

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