How to Promote your OnlyFans Account on Twitch

Twitch has become a popular online platform that gives people a chance of sharing their content and making money from it. There are some restrictions on what can be shown on the platform, and it is a good tool to use exclusively or as part of a package of platforms for creating a following across sites.

We are going to look at what Twitch is, how you can make money, and how you can get the most out of your account.

What is Twitch? 

This is a site where creators can stream their videos and build up their following. The goal is to get paid subscribers for the content.

Twitch was formed in 2011 and it started as a spin-off of, and it became very popular for creators streaming gaming content – people would be playing the games live as thousands of people watch.

Amazon now owns Twitch and has millions of daily viewers – the numbers reached a concurrent average of 1.4 million at any time in 2020. There are millions of channels or people broadcasting.

The service has become more popular and gone beyond gaming content. There are many types of content being streamed on the platform. Some of the most popular content on the platform include live Dungeons and Dragons games, old and current TV shows watch-a-longs, and general chat.

Tips for growing OnlyFans using Twitch 

Take advantage of smaller niches 

You should stream on channels that have fewer creators e.g. Hot Tub streamers because you will be easily noticed there.

High Investment can lead to High Yield 

When you have invested time and money so you can provide your audience with a quality streaming experience, people are going to see this and you will stand out from the rest. You are more likely to make a good profit this way because there aren’t that many streamers supplying quality content.

Investing in products if you want people to invest in you 

If you want to set up a good video stream, you have to use several computers, good sound equipment, and effective lighting, and that is even before investing in props like a hot tub and other equipment. People are going to notice the effort you have put in to make sure you have quality content and they will most likely appreciate it.

Most of the popular streamers on Twitch are male and most of the people watching are male. The platform has become a prospect-rich environment and you will be welcomed provided mutual respect is there.

Keeping to your schedule and streaming often 

It is not just about streaming, it is also about creating a community too. If you don’t have a schedule or don’t stream often, it becomes hard to create your community on the platform. If you want to reach a point where you create a community, make sure you stream often. The more you stream, the more likely you are to increase your subscriber count on Twitch and also OnlyFans.

Your Twitch Streams are going to act like moving advertisements for your OnlyFans account even if you don’t actively market it. When you are on streaming, you can have a banner on the platform letting your fans know they can check you out on your socials. The socials are usually on a LinkTree or something similar. Twitch is considered to be an SFW platform and it can be used as a tease for people who want more.

One thing you have to keep in mind is it helps to be attractive. You are more likely to succeed on the platform if you are attractive. People tend to pay more attention to your looks, body and feet pics on the OnlyFans platform. This might not be a good option for people who don’t want to be ogled at all the time. If you are comfortable with this, then this is a great platform.

OnlyFans and Twitch combined are good enough to make you a full-time income you can live on. If you can manage to gain a following on both of these platforms, then you can start making money. The more effort you put into creating content for both of these platforms, the more likely you are to succeed.

Making money on other platforms from twitch subscribers 

Twitch is most times seen as a great platform for those interested in making money through gaming, but it can also be an amazing platform to use when building your overall online creator career. The ideal package can be using twitch to stream to followers and then cross-promoting your other services.

You can use sites like Fanvue, where you can grow your audience and then drive them to your Fanvue account so they can see more content and enjoy one-to-one chats.

Keep in mind that Twitch is going to keep your VOD content for only 60 days. Uploading your content to other platforms can help keep content for longer so fans don’t miss out. 

A platform like Fanvue can be a good option because it allows creators to sell sexual content. You can tell your Twitch followers about it without having to worry much. Make sure you tread lightly because breaching Twitch’s policies is going to get you banned. You can use link aggregator sites so you can promote your other content including adult content. Check out our Fanvue guide here.

Twitch is a good platform to use for streaming your content and growing your other accounts like OnlyFans. The tips above will go a long way in helping you succeed on the platform.

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