How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing your Face

You don’t have to show subscribers your face before you start making money on this platform and it is possible to remain anonymous. A great way of hiding and maintaining an anonymous OnlyFans account is coming up with a character for your online audience. You can choose a nickname or a fictitious name. it is common to find such pages on OnlyFans.

You can succeed on the platform without having to show your face. You can remain anonymous on OnlyFans and make money. It might be a little harder to make the same money as people who post more risqué content, but you can still make good money without showing your face.

How to Make Money on Onlyfans without Showing your Face

You can money on onlyfans without showing your face quite easily – just following the tips below to stay anonymous

Ensure you Use a Stage Name/ Psyuedonym

Full stop. This goes without saying. Look at it this way… the whole reason behind going anonymous is that you don’t want to be known. So it would be wise not to use your actual name, but a stage name. To ensure your identity is hidden, it would be best to go for names that are not close to yours. For instance, if you’re named Jennifer, don’t use it in any short form affiliated with your stage name (or any short variations such as Jenny, Jenni, Jen, Etc.,).

When coming up with a stage name, don’t put too much mental effort into it. Think of something easy that will work well on social media platforms. You get extra marks when you think of a name that is a bit catchy when creating adult content.

Use a VPN

It’s common knowledge that the best approach to remaining anonymous is to use a VPN.

This is a very effective tool to hide your identity, plus it assists in safeguarding your IP address and identity if required. This is certainly an alternative, and there are numerous good VPNs to select from.

Use the GeoBlocking Feature

For ultimate privacy and anonymity, OnlyFans offer a range of features and privacy settings for your OnlyFans page. You have the option of restricting or blocking particular users or making your profile private. What’s more, OnlyFans content creators can also block IPs. You can make use of the GeoBlocking feature, which enables you to block users from a certain region, state, or country.

Consider Niche Subreddits

I know I said don’t use the Reddit platform earlier, but if you want to stay anonymous, becoming niche and using subreddits is the way to go. Take a step back and go over what you want to create content-wise. Are you into feet pics? Then joining that subreddit could be ideal for you when creating adult content of this type. By doing so, you’re only concentrating on a single niche for your OnlyFans page and corresponding social media accounts, this is important when looking to make money on OnlyFans for OnlyFans creators.

Keep your ID anonymous on social media

Chances are that you’ll probably need to use new social media accounts in order to promote your OnlyFans. Nonetheless, you can encounter potential problems if you aren’t careful when using each social media platform. This is something to consider if you’re looking to make money on OnlyFans – you need to be aware of the risks of an OnlyFans page.

First off, you should identify which social platforms you are planning to use for promotional reasons. If anonymity is integral, then don’t count out popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit.

When you create social media accounts, you definitely do not want to affiliate with any social platform that utilized your actual real-life name. For instance, If you’ve got a Facebook account under your actual name, it should not be connected to your anonymous Facebook account or your anonymous OnlyFans account. Keep the names as distant as possible.

If you’re on platforms that necessitate you to sign in using Google, Facebook, or the like, do not connect those accounts or those of any other social media platforms.

How to Make Money on Onlyfans without Showing your Face

Only Focus on a Certain Part of your Body (i.e. Feet, Hands, Bum etc)

Another great method of maintaining your anonymity is to promote your OF as a certain body part. There’s no shortage of people who like everything. From feet to armpits, you cannot lack individuals out there who fancy that sort of content and this allows you to make money and grow your bank account. Don’t look at it as if you’re shotgunning your content, but rather concentrating on a certain body part. If you’re more open to exposing your feet, note that there’s always a lucrative market for feet pics, but some individuals prefer other parts of the body, and if you’re okay with that, then why not jump aboard.

Cover Tattoos

One factor that may be overlooked when attempting to be anonymous on OnlyFans is concealing distinguishing marks.

If you’ve got any noticeable scars, birthmarks, tattoos or identifiable moles, make sure that you conceal them with makeup or clothes.

Although your face may not be highlighted, your scars, tattoos and other distinguishable markings can reveal your true identity.

Use a P.O. Box

If you’re concerned that persons may know your home address, you can upload a P.O. Box instead. This will enable you to get packages and mail without exposing your address. You can register for a P.O. Box through the Internet or visit your local post office. Using a P.O. Box is an excellent technique to ensure that your identity remains secure when you’re using OnlyFans.

You’re not OBLIGATED to Display Your Face

Keep in mind that you’re never required to display any of your facial features, and you should inform your fans from the start.

It’s shrewd to take this into account if you want to ascertain that the content you will be posting is consistent.

If you want to reveal your face and use a certain distinguishing name, you have the option of doing so, but there’s always that danger that your details will be used, so if you’re not too keen on this, then don’t.

You cannot miss that occasional rude individual constantly bringing the topic up, but note, you’re not required to to have an OnlyFans account.

Use Props, Masks, and Camera Angles

If you want to incorporate whole-body photos but want to leave out your face, props and posing are your friends.

When it comes to posing, you can turn your head from the camera, such that your backside is facing the camera, or if you have long hair, you can use it to hide your face. Be creative and use your basic marketing skills to make money on OnlyFans without showing your face.

The same case applies when it comes to props: use the different options available to hide part or the whole of your face. Most individuals use props like masks, stuffed animals, and so on to incorporate into the photo and still retain their privacy.

Choosing props that align with your niche definitely makes the photo appear deliberate.

Use a voice modifier to hide your voice

If you talk in video content or send voice notes, or use other audio files, you should think about disguising your voice with a voice modifier for your OnlyFans account.

This prevents persons who may make out your voice from knowing it is you and begin to ask uncomfortable questions just because you know each other.

On the other hand, you can just make your videos without talking, keeping the video content voiceless.

Don’t Post Outdoor Photos – Conceal Your Location

Other than ensuring that your real identity is not known, you should be mindful of your location and not upload outdoor pictures. If it cannot be helped, be aware of your surroundings.

From the point of view of your picture to having renowned buildings or landmarks in the background, you don’t want anybody to locate you easily.

This includes restaurants, beaches, gas stations, and so forth.

Also, don’t ignore things such as sunglasses, windows, or any surfaces that may be reflective.

Reflective surfaces may display where you are and give individuals a clue of where you are located.

Use a Disposable Email Address

If you’re not keen on providing your primary email address, you can set up a disposable email account. This is a good method to remain anonymous and safeguard your identity.

Numerous sites permit you to set up disposable email accounts. When you set up an account, you can utilize the address anyhow you wish.

If you’re concerned about providing personal info, a disposable email can be the workaround you need to safeguard yourself.

Use a Separate Bank Account

It can be wise to use a separate bank account when using the OnlyFans platform or creating adult oriented content. The OnlyFans platform and social media sites provide a great opportunity to make money. However, having separate personal accounts for your work and personal life can be a good idea and help with OnlyFans anonymity.

Conclusion on ways of making money on OnlyFans without showing your face:

There are various means you can earn cash on OnlyFans without displaying your face. You can do this by limiting what you put out to the public domain, using a VPN and a disposable email.

You can also earn more by promoting yourself properly and engaging with your audience. So don’t be afraid and find what connects you with your audience. As you can see it’s easily possible and there are plenty of ways how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face

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