How to Promote and Grow an OnlyFans on Reddit via the Best Subreddits

One of the easiest ways of gaining a lot of traffic to your profile is using Reddit to promote your OnlyFans via free content. This gives you a chance of making a good passive income.

The popularity of OnlyFans has been going up for the past couple of years because it has become a popular way of making money online. If you are having a hard time, then the article is going to help you.

Why Reddit can Help in Boosting your OnlyFans Profile

There are up to 2 billion visitors on Reddit every month and the number is increasing. Half of these visitors are from the US. When you compared Reddit to the other social media platforms, it has more users from top-tier countries like the US. 

It is also easy to target potential users because of how Reddit works and OnlyFans on Reddit is extremely popular as a search term.

Why are Reddit Posts Great for an OnlyFans Page?

On Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. people have to know the specific channel or profile they like, then they follow it so their newsfeed is full of selected content. If your profile is small especially when you are new, it is hard for them to know you and follow your profile. This makes it hard to make money from them unless you appear on a trending OnlyFans page. Most of the social media platforms out there don’t allow NSFW (adult) content. This is why it is hard to promote OnlyFans content there. This is not the case on Reddit 

A Reddit account works way differently compared to most social media platforms. Users join different groups known as subreddits which focus on a given topic. The top subreddits have millions of followers and some have thousands of users online at the same time.

Anyone user even new ones can post free content on the NSFW subreddits. If people like your content, they are going to upvote it, which leads to more views because the content is pushed upwards if it has the most upvotes on Reddit.

This is where the Reddit Upvote System comes in. This system brings content to the top of the subreddit without even having to create top-notch content. So, why not get a Reddit profile and pick a Reddit username and begin?

How can Reddit help with your OnlyFans Content?

Reddit users are known to love NSFW content. There is research that was done that showed 7 out of 10 users had joined at least one NSFW subreddit. Reddit’s content is high quality, and most find it easy to browse NSFW reddit content as they browse their feed for free content.

This is the only social media platform doing this at the moment. Twitter might be an exception, but it doesn’t allow re-uploaded content. The NSFW content doesn’t attract many users and the amount is very low. Twitter users are also there for their personal in real-life relationships, not to click on an OnlyFans link. The last thing you want is for your friends and family to see that you follow a porn star or OnlyFans model.

Reddit is the best referrer to OF, and this is according to Alexa.

Reddit has become the best place for promoting OnlyFans profile and other similar accounts.

Where can you Post OnlyFans content on Reddit?

The first thing you need is to find relevant subreddits that fit your content. This article is going to keep things simple. You need to invest time so you can find subreddits that work for your content and allow you to gain reddit upvotes for your OnlyFans page.

There are many subreddits out there that post adult content, but you should pick the ones that will fit your OnlyFans page content type the most because that is how you are going to get great results from your adult content.

Finding OnlyFans subreddits 

You can use the Reddit search engine to do this. Make sure you use keywords like OnlyFans, OnlyFansPromo, OnlyFansPromote, and more in the right subreddits to utilise reddit successfully for OnlyFans promotion.

Reddit lets you filter by NSFW subreddits , publications, dates, and people. This feature is going to help you when defining a given niche, you can search for keywords like MILF, Cosplay, Amateur, and so on. Doing this helps a lot because it makes it more meaningful for the promotions and you as an OnlyFans creator.

The Best Subreddits to Promote your OnlyFans Account on 

r/OnlyFansGirls101 is one of the most popular OnlyFans NSFW subreddits and you can use it in promoting content. It has over 1.2 million members, with most of them using it to find OnlyFans accounts.

This is a great channel for promoting your profile and reach new users who are ready to pay for content, but keep in mind there are many other creators doing the same thing. Make sure you check out their rules so you don’t get removed or banned from the channel. Different subreddits have different rules, and you should always follow them. One rule of this channel is you can post nudes but OnlyFans models are limited to only a post every 24 hours in this specific subreddit.


This is a NSFW subreddit for creators who can look adorable and cute in their photos. This concept is pretty subject but it provides almost all creators with a chance to succeed. If the members of these adult subreddits deem you to be the most adorable, you are going to get a more upvotes, which means more people get to see your picture and OnlyFans page. This is going to increase your chances of getting more subscribers via reddit posts.


One of the NSFW subreddits that lets you promote yourself as an OnlyFans creator. The subreddit is run by the same ones running r/onlyfansgirls101 and they have a good understanding of OnlyFans creators and the industry. They are very committed which shows that they have high engagement and are well organized.


You should check out this subreddit if you have a Fansly account. The subreddit has over 100k active subscribers. There is also a message on the subreddit encouraging users to support Adult content creators, do their reviews, and recommend them. FanslyFriends doesn’t have strict content rules, which lets you promote your profiles and links as one of the adult content creators working on the platform.


This is the most followed OnlyFans NSFW Subreddits. There are some issues with it though because it is an old subreddit. The number of people online is low when compared to the follower count. This subreddit makes up for that by being the fastest growing and one of the most popular OnlyFans subreddit for promoting OnlyFans content and OnlyFans page profiles. It always attracts new people, which is good for you.


The subreddit is dedicated to OnlyFans Creators promoting themselves as having cute butts. When you join the subreddit, your post has the potential of reaching over 284k users, which is great (even though it might seem like a smaller subreddit when compared to the ones above)


This subreddit might be considered to be more hardcore compared to how other OnlyFans creators are comfortable when it comes to promotions. The page leans more toward those who want adult material and a little more than just the preview. This particular subreddit OnlyFans page is a good place to promote if you are comfortable with it and what is posted. Post at your own discretion because it has a decent engagement and a high following and is a good target audience to gain.


This is another subreddit that lets only OnlyFans creators post on it. Most of the promos done on the subreddit are of females and nudity isn’t required for you to post on the platform. The reddit OnlyFans page has been around for longer and doesn’t have new followers, but it mainly relies on older followers.


This NSFW subreddit is self-explanatory and it is easy to post on it. There isn’t a given definition of “hot” provided you are feeling confident about the photos. You can share them on NSFW subreddits. The people who are following the subreddit are mainly looking for the hottest OnlyFans creators and it is going to give you upvotes depending on how they see and feel about the OnlyFans page and photos you have shared.

If you want to post on the subreddit, you should always follow the rules:

  • You shouldn’t request updates 
  • Posting content from your OnlyFans page only once a day 
  • Do not promote your content or profile on other people’s post 
  • Make sure you post content relevant to the subreddit 

How to Promote OnlyFans Accounts Effectively on Reddit

  • OnlyFans creators creating quality content 
  • Using interesting titles for OnlyFans page content so people can be forced to click/interact/or comment on the post
  • Mention your OnlyFans account username in the comment. Make sure you have filled in the account details because it makes it easy for people to find you on OnlyFans when they visit your profile.
  • Always avoid spamming your OnlyFans page

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