How to Grow a Following on OnlyFans to Make Money

The best OnlyFans creators are making upwards of 6 figures a month, some multiples of 7. So, how do you grow your OnlyFans page and corresponding social media sites to gain a chunk of this cash? We take a look below. Hopefully some of the following tips will help you grow your Only Fans and increase your OnlyFans followers.

What is Onlyfans and Why is it so Popular?

One of my favourite features about OnlyFans is that it allows other people to be part of what is happening in my life. On OnlyFans, I get to show my talents to my fans in a way that is not possible with ordinary social media.

However, I must admit, there have been episodes when I felt as if I was meddling excessively with other people’s lives.

Until today, I sometimes felt that way, but I realize they are thoughts not founded on anything and as I can always reduce the time I spend using OnlyFans and take a break when it is necessary.

If you are wondering what OnlyFans is, it is a platform that functions like YouTube or a social media platform and allows you to create an account and share video or image content with your followers. Your followers are essentially subscribers who pay a fee to watch the posts, pictures, and videos you create and share at your discretion – here’s a good guide on taking OF photos.

1. Capitalize on Your Social Media Platforms

We cannot emphasize this point long enough. Social media offers the best opportunities to market and promote your OnlyFans page and the content you create. Some of the social media platforms you can use to increase your fanbase include Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit. Notably, you can use Twitter or Reddit to promote your OnlyFans content because the platforms support the sharing of adult-rated content.

However, Instagram forbids the sharing or posting of adult content, but you can still market and promote your OnlyFans on Instagram. Nonetheless, if you use your OnlyFans for adult content, you must use a “safe for work” icon to help you market your content.

Keep in mind that you can direct followers from your Instagram account to your OnlyFans page through a link in your OnlyFans bio or the Stories feature, where followers only have to swipe up to find the link. You can use the stories feature to promote your OnlyFans page once or twice a day, while being careful not to appear as if you are spamming your followers.

In addition, you can use social media sites to promote your OnlyFan page and still remain incognito or under another name if you do not want to reveal your identity. This has particularly been helpful to OnlyFans users who create and share adult-rated content. Check out our guide on how to grow your OnlyFans without showing your face.

2. Use Paid Shoutouts to Grow your Only Fans page.

Do you know the right places to market your OnlyFans page and earn more subscribers?

For this, we have both good and bad news to share with you. Let us begin with the bad: most likely, you will no be able to use a paid ad media platform like Facebook to market your OnlyFans page.

On the other hand, you can use paid shoutouts to promote your OnlyFans page. Paid shoutouts are common and useful on Instagram when you need to collaborate with influencers operating in the same niche as you. The main goal of paid shoutouts is to help increase your fans on social media.

As your fanbase on your social media accounts grows, your fans on OnlyFans are likely to grow as well. Paid shoutouts work by causing a form of domino effect and leveraging on the fact that there are influencers in virtually all niches, like fitness coaching, fashion modeling, cosplay, and others on OnlyFans.

When the time comes to select who you will collaborate with as an influencer, you must be careful. This is because you will have a limited number of people you can work with if you do not have a high number of followers. For instance, it is hard to find someone with a great following to shout out your page if you only have half the number of their followers or less. However, you must begin somewhere and continue to grow.

You can begin by working with a small or micro-influencer, which is an account having between 10,000 and 25,000 followers, to shout your account out. As you gain more followers, you will be in a better position to land an influencer with an even bigger following.

It is vital to research and conduct due diligence on the influencer you want to collaborate with. Ensure they have a good or decent engagement rate and that their following forms a big chunk of your target audience.

Shout outs are not expensive; you will not have to spend an insane amount of cash. You can begin by spending as little as $10 and gradually scale up according to your finances.

3. Make Effective Use of Subreddits

OnlyFans is one of the leading platforms with great potential to grow your OnlyFans page and make it successful. Reddit provides niche-specific social platforms called subreddits that can enable you to market your OnlyFans page and gain subscribers (if the terms and conditions apply). A quick look at the site shows a significant number of Reddit users provide their OnlyFans link in their reddit user profiles.

If you generate adult-rated content, there are numerous NSFW subreddits ideal for posting samples of your content. Also, remember to let other Reddit users know that they can find more such content by simply subscribing to your OnlyFans channel.

Other than subreddits for adult content, there are many more subreddits available for promoting your OnlyFans [page and gaining more subscribers and followers; there are different subreddits platforms for various niches.

Check out our OnlyFans reddit and subreddit guide.

4. Take Time to Prepare your Content.

Always remember that you will be probably sourcing your OnlyFans subscribers from your other social media accounts like Twitter. Therefore, it is easily possible to have more or less the same number of followers as your fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

You have to be careful not to feed them with exactly the same content across all the platforms; nobody wants to pay to watch video content on OnlyFans when the same content is available for free elsewhere.

The goal behind launching content on OnlyFans is to provide exclusive content with sufficient depth and variety to enhance the viewer’s experience and provide value for their hard-earned money.

For instance, as a fitness blogger, you may show only pictures and short routines on your Facebook or Instagram platform, while saving the more detailed workout programs and exercise routines to premier and show exclusively on your OnlyFans page only.

Once you have grown a large number of loyal fans on OnlyFans, avoid making huge changes to the type and design of content you produce. Remember, your fans follow you for what you already do, so continue giving them more value, depth, and insight to keep them coming back for more content.

In addition, it is vital that you develop a plan for your OnlyFans page to achieve consistency in the quality of content you share across your mainstream social media accounts.

Here are some awesome content ideas for OnlyFans.

5: How to Keep your Loyal Fans on OnlyFans – Create Outstanding Content

Once you have grown a loyal following, you must continue serving them with the content they are looking for.

Video length, format, and site navigation to find content on your page are vital considerations for other social media platforms. For instance, Twitter and Instagram have time limits, allowing fans to view only a snapshot of the entire content.

On the other hand, OnlyFans allows you to share much larger content and a more detailed video with a size of up to 3GB per video and a maximum of 20 pictures per post.

Therefore, you can use your mainstream social media platforms to upload small bits of your content to lure fans to view the full video or pictures on your OnlyFans account and make money. The free-to-view social media platforms only seek to build interest and invite viewers and subscribers to your OnlyFans channel via an OnlyFans link.

The best way to ensure you retain your fanbase and increase your subscribers is to give your viewers value for their money. They will continue watching your videos and seeing your pictures as long as they are getting awesome content at a reasonable price.

Adding Amazon Wishlists to Your OnlyFans Account

Another way of making money with your OnlyFans account is to build an Amazon wish list and incorporate it into your OnlyFans profile.

All you need to do is visit your Amazon account and add items related to your account or simply random things you would want to your wish list.

You may be stunned by the number of people who will buy you “gifts” from your Amazon wish list on OnlyFans.

Next, copy and paste that link from your user profile on OnlyFans, and it will show up on your homepage for your fans to click on it.

Making Money From Tips on OnlyFans

OnlyFans allows your fans to tip you on live videos, posts, or via private messages.

You are allowed to ask your fans for tips. However, it makes more financial sense if you could try to convert the fans into subscribers to start earning a steady income.

Many OnlyFans creators on OnlyFans provide a “Tip Menu” with the recommended pricing and tips that viewers can give. It is one of the best and easiest ways of encouraging viewers to tip you.

How Soon Can You Start Making Money With OnlyFans?

In all honesty, it is impossible to start making money tomorrow if you have begun sharing content on OnlyFans today.

You need time to grow a list of followers and subscribers who are paying to watch your content. It is possible to start making money after one or two months on OnlyFans, on condition that you take time to promote your page and content well on all the platforms captured towards the end of this post.

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