How To Effectively Promote and Grow an Only Fans On Twitter In 2022

OnlyFans is a great platform that can be monetized. This article will detail some of the best ways to effectively promote your OnlyFans account on Twitter. We will be going over the types of hashtags you should be using and some of the most important information to know about the site.

Paid content has become something a lot of consumers have become accustomed to. This is especially true throughout the pandemic. A lot more people are willing to pay for premium content.

How To Promote OnlyFans On Twitter?

Using Twitter can be a great way to promote your OnlyFans account. It’s a good way to leverage an audience that you’ve already built and it’s also a good way to get a new audience to view your account.

It’s especially effective for those that already have an established presence across different social media platforms. A lot of your followers may be willing to pay for premium and exclusive content that you only release on OnlyFans.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to effectively promote your OnlyFans account through Twitter.

  1. Install Twitter or go to the website.
  2. Head to settings and click on the “account” tab.
  3. Connect your OnlyFans account to it.

It’s that simple. Once you’ve connected your OnlyFans account to Twitter, you can choose to turn on an option that will automatically republish what you’ve posted on your OnlyFans account to Twitter.

This can help you cross-post and leverage both platforms. It also helps you better promote your content published on OnlyFans.

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans or “OF” is a social media website that is subscription-based. It started in 2016 and it’s grown in popularity since. It’s one of the few social media sites that have a paywall for its content. It allows content creators to charge money in exchange for the content they produce.

These creators can post content that’s behind a paywall. The paywall can be bypassed once a user purchases a subscription for it. It’s essentially a large marketplace for content. Many social media platforms are free to use. They don’t charge users to access content or anything.

According to the founder of the platform, OF wants to help content creators create much stronger and closer connections with their followers/fans while also helping them make money to support themselves. It’s very difficult to make money as a content creator without a major following and OF strives to be a platform that can help creators get fairly paid for their content.

As far as what content is allowed on OnlyFans, there aren’t any limitations. Even explicit content is allowed. This led OnlyFans to get labeled as a platform only for explicit sexual content. However, that’s not the case. There is plenty of variety when it comes to the type of content you will find on the site. You’ll find a lot of quality content in various industries including fitness, sports, art, dance, and more.

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How Much Can You Make From OnlyFans?

OnlyFans succeeds at helping content creators get justly paid for producing high-quality, relevant, and entertaining content. You can make good money with OnlyFans.

There’s no specific earnings threshold when it comes to earnings per view or anything like that. However, OF announced there are over 100 creators that have been able to earn over $1 million since they started monetizing their accounts.

As you can probably tell, this earning potential is fairly substantive. This has led a lot of famous personalities and social media influencers to start their own OF accounts. This includes the famous singer Cardi B.

Since it was launched in 2015, the U.K-based platform has already paid out a whopping $3 billion to the platform’s content creators.

Why Should You Use Twitter To Promote Your OnlyFans Account?

One of the major reasons you should be using Twitter to promote your OF account has to do with Twitter’s lax rules. Twitter is one of the few social media sites that allow users to post “Not Suitable For Work (NSFW)” content on it. This is something that you cannot do on Instagram or TikTok.

Once you label your tweet as explicit and NSFW, Twitter hides your post behind a disclaimer. The disclaimer tells the user that the post is likely to contain explicit content. Therefore, the user can decide whether or not they want to view it.

Along with this, Twitter happens to be a very good platform where you can easily hook viewers. You can create short and to-the-point content that engages users and gets them interested in seeing more. This helps you redirect new potential subscribers to your OF account.

You can only publish tweets with 280 characters. This means that you can incite a lot of curiosity about your posts and further add intrigue to get people to look at your OF account.

It’s also very easy to use Twitter for you or your OnlyFans manager to make the most of your promotions. You only need to post a short tweet. No one on Twitter expects a long and drawn-out sales pitch.

You even have the chance to have your tweet go viral. If you create a tweet that resonates with people or that is highly engaging, you can get a lot of views on your tweet which can drive more people to your profile and eventually your OF account.

If you want to tag one of your tweets as NSFW, head to settings and head to the “Privacy and Safety” tab. From there, you can click, “Your Tweets” to manage the info about a specific tweet.

This will allow you to checkmark a box that allows you to mark media on your tweet as having sensitive or explicit material and that viewer discretion is advised.

From there, the content you publish will be hidden behind a disclaimer where they have to click on it to reveal the content. This can keep you from getting in trouble with Twitter.

Using Hashtags To Promote Your OF Account On Twitter

Hashtags are the most effective ways to promote your account on Twitter. You want to use hashtags to drive more views to your account and your OF page.

Here are some of the best hashtags to consider using when you are looking to leverage Twitter to drive more people to your OF account.

Promotional Discounts On Twitter

A good way to get more people interested in checking out your OF account would be to provide them with an incentive. By providing your Twitter audience or the Twitter community with special promotional discounts, you can make it much more likely to convert said audience into a subscriber.

You can do this in many ways. For one, you can tweet out the promotion and include a discount code or you can use Twitter DM’s to make it more engaging and personal.

If you want to create a universal message with a promo code, you would just send out a tweet.

If you want to leverage Twitter’s DM feature, you could compose a message and send it to your audience individually. There are third-party apps that you can use to automatically send out DM’s to those who ask. Once you install the app, it will automatically send a pre-written DM to many users at the press of a button.

You only want to do this occasionally as you don’t want to get classified as spam. Twitter could end up restricting your account if you do.

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Twitter is easily one of the best platforms to take advantage of when you are looking to promote your OF account and the content inside of it. Unlike a lot of the other social media platforms, it allows you to post explicit content. Twitter allows this content as long as it’s properly tagged as being NSFW.

Likewise, you can integrate your OF account with your Twitter account to ensure seamless updates to your followers. This can make it a good way to reach more of an audience much quicker. If you aren’t already using Twitter to promote your OnlyFans account, it’s time to start doing so.

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