Should I Go Ahead And Use a Free VPN for OnlyFans Anonymity?

In most cases, if something seems too good to be true, it typically is. Unfortunately, a free VPN is no exception. While a free Virtual Private Network may sound like a good idea, it’s free for a reason. A free service is typically going to have a lot of downsides that outweigh the cost savings. Not only are they going to be full of traffic leading to slower speeds, but they will typically be blacklisted by the majority of major streaming services. After all, so many people are using them for the same reasons. As a result, you will typically find that it doesn’t provide a reliable enough experience.

Whereas, a paid VPN is much better. The kind of experience you can get from a paid VPN is night and day compared to a free VPN. After all, the service is collecting fees they can use to upgrade servers and keep things running smoothly. A paid VPN also comes with enhanced security. The majority of them are vetted for security before being released to the public. The same cannot be said for free services. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop a lot of the free providers from lying about how secure their VPN services are. You will find that a lot of them don’t even encrypt traffic going through the networks. As a result, the users end up with less security than if they weren’t using a VPN whatsoever. Thus, to ensure you keep your internet usage safe, it’s best to not use a free VPN. Likewise, you don’t want to base your VPN decision on cost alone. It’s best to look at your options and weigh the value you are getting from them. The most important thing to seek in a VPN provider would be security when protecting anonymity.

Is a VPN Legal?

Some countries will restrict the use of a VPN. However, for most of the world, they are completely legal. Certain countries that are known to restrict the use of a VPN or force you to choose certain providers include but aren’t limited to China and Russia. Because these countries are known for having state surveillance, don’t expect to be protected when using their state-approved VPN providers. It’s best to just operate under the assumption that your internet usage is being monitored at all times.

Where Can You Use OnlyFans?

You can access OnlyFans across the globe. You can even access it in China which is very surprising considering the censorship they deploy on various social media platforms. There are certain areas around the world where you might run into restrictions. For instance, you may run into adult content filters in a place like Dubai. There are also other restrictions you could find yourself running into like in Nigeria you can access content but you cannot become a creator yourself. We’ve created a guide on this matter covering how you can use OnlyFans privately as a content creator without showing your face.

Has OnlyFans Banned Adult and Explicit Content?

OnlyFans set out to ban sexually explicit content from the entire platform in October 2021. The primary reason had to do with backlash from payment providers. The problem is, there was a widespread backlash from users. Because of this, they didn’t go through with it. Because of this, as of now, OnlyFans allows this type of content.

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