3 Top Reasons You Should Stay Anonymous On OnlyFans

There are many reasons why you should stay anonymous on OnlyFans. In fact, we wrote a whole blog about how to make money on the site without showing your face.

The top ones include:

There are lots of hackers who would like to hack into your OnlyFans account. Many hackers would like to blackmail people, get them fired from work or just leak your content for free. Some hackers may attempt to sell your stolen content so they can reap financial gains.

People You Know Might Know May Be Watching
You might not care what people think of you, and that’s fine. However, you might want to keep your identity private because you don’t want anybody you know finding out you’re a creator on OnlyFans. Many creators hide their identity because they don’t want work knowing, co-workers, people they go to church with or their own family from finding out what they do.

Sex work is widely acceptable as legitimate work these days. However, many in society still have outdated views on the nature of the work. This is why it’s good to keep your identity hidden if you’re concerned about being found out.

Finally, people should keep their identities private to prevent possible stalkers from finding out who they are. Hopefully, your fans don’t have any desire to stalk you. Nonetheless, there may be a handful of fans that do want to find out more about you or they may have intentions that are dark.

You might not care if people see your face on OnlyFans, but you still need to keep personal details private. Your physical location should be kept hidden. This is exactly why you should use NordVPN or another VPN service. There are even free VPN services out there. This will ensure your personal details are protected while you’re in OnlyFans.