OnlyFans Picture Ideas & Photo Tips for Creators – A Guide

OnlyFans is a competitive place and to gain any sort of competitive advantage your content has to be up to scratch. Images account for the vast majority of opportunity on the platform, so ensuring your OnlyFans pictures are top notch is pivotal. We’ve created a comprehensive guide below – covering how to create great images, great ideas for pictures and also the best tech to use to do so – as well as much more. 

Why are good Only Fans photos important?

If you are interested in becoming an OnlyFans model, you have to keep in mind you have to be ideal and flawless in most aspects. You don’t have room for compromise. You have to put on a good image so you can attract fans, and it begins by having the perfect banner and display photo. A good photo is going to give a little more information about your profile. A fan is going to notice the picture and bio first. Here’s how to create a great OnlyFans bio.

The profile should be telling a story. People can tell what you are offering by looking at your profile photo. This makes it important to take time to choose the right profile photo.

What is an OnlyFans Cover Photo and How do you Take One ?

Just like on Twitter or Facebook, you need to add a cover photo to your OnlyFans profile. It is also known as a banner photo. This is the photo that is going to be behind the profile photo on your profile.

When someone opens your OnlyFans profile, the cover photo is the one that is larger than your profile photo. This is why you need to put some time into your cover photo.

A cover photo is going to take a large portion. OnlyFans profile photos are 731×204 pixels. It is sometimes challenging to find the perfect photo for this size. But you have to do it if you want to have a great OnlyFans profile.

How to Create  Great OnlyFans Banner and Photo Pictures

Before you set the cover photo, you first need to undertake all the measurements and parameters. The photo needs to be the right size. If the photo you want to use as your cover photo is not the right size, then you can edit it using online image resizer tools.

There are things you need to have in mind:

Before you set up an image as the cover photo, make sure you know the facts

The profile picture is going to be at the left lower corner of the cover photo. This will result in anything in that area being hidden. When you are choosing a photo, make sure that the areas don’t contain any important graphics or text.

The bottom half of the cover photo is going to be blurred because that is where the account name will appear. Make sure you center what you are trying to show on the cover photo so it can be easily seen.

Use a good quality picture

The camera needs to be a good one when taking profile photos. You don’t want the picture to be blurred when you post it. Having a blurred photo as your cover photo is going to send out the wrong message when someone visits your profile. This is why you need to choose a quality picture. Get a quality camera to get quality photos. You can also use your iPhone to take good-quality pictures.

What Size Should an OnlyFans Profile Photo Be?

An OnlyFans profile picture should be 400 height by 400 width – this is the same dimensions as a twitter image.

Picture of your face

You should consider having your face on the cover photo. This is going to help gain the trust of subscribers and they will know you aren’t a scammer. People who show their true selves tend to get more subscribers. OnlyFans is one of those sites where you are expected to show your face. It is hard being both famous and anonymous. Make sure you choose a cover photo for OnlyFans that is going to gain you points.

Edits and filters

Don’t choose a picture that is too dull or too bright. Edit the photo and adjust light and other effects including tint, contract, etc. because it gives an aesthetic sense. You can also add filters such as monochrome to your cover photos for OnlyFans.

Picture relating to the type of content you offer and bio

It is important for the photo to tell the story of what you do. You should try relating your bio to the theme of your picture. Try having a picture that shows whatever you have on your bio about your account and content. The following examples are going to help:

  • Your picture should show muscles if you are a gym trainer
  • If you are selling foot pictures, then you should pose with the feet being prominent in the picture
  • Post a picture with band members or a guitar if you are a musician
  • Post a picture working with exotic foods if you are promoting yourself as a chef
  • For adult content, make sure the photos are revealing enough.

OnlyFans Banner Size

The OnlyFans banner image is wider than most banner images on places like Tinder , YouTube, or Twitter. When viewed at full width, the dimensions of an OnlyFans banner are 731×204 pixels, or an aspect ratio of about 3.6:1.

Avoiding group photos for an OnlyFans Banner

You should post a solo picture if you are an adult content creator. People will get confused by a group photo. When you post a group photo, some people there might not be appealing and people will mistake them for you. This can make someone not subscribe when it is just a small misunderstanding. So, avoid group photos for your OnlyFans banners

OnlyFans Cover Photo and Profile Photo Ideas

The cover photo needs a lot of attention because it is prominent on the profile, but it is also important to pay attention to the profile picture too. It is part of the display.

  • You need to put the time into coming up with a good profile picture for your account
  • The profile picture on your profile needs to be of good quality
  • Your face should also be visible

The profile picture is going to tell people about who you are

Your OnlyFans profile picture needs to be related to the OnlyFans cover photo. both pictures should be the same because it can confuse people if it isn’t. If you are a musician, then the cover photo and profile picture need to tell people that. 

Content creators know that it is a little challenging to always come up with hot and fresh ideas for OnlyFans photos regularly. There are some classics that you need to stick to and also some fun new ones that you hadn’t thought about before. Below are some OnlyFans image ideas that will go a long way.

Cosplays is very popular

People are going crazy with cosplay of their favorite characters from TV, books, or films. If you think you look like someone famous, then take advantage of that.  You can dress up as your favorite superhero or do a Marilyn Monoroe-style photoshoot. Your fans are really going to love this. 

When it comes to creating content, many people get lost in the process and forget about one important thing; doing your own thing. This is the main reason for most people creating content. You most likely want to share something with the world that feels yours.

Doing what makes you happy

You should focus on doing what makes you feel good – taking videos and photos from angles you love, wearing the lingerie you love, and dressing up in what makes you happy and feel good. People are going to enjoy your content the most when you are having fun with it.

Background mood lighting

You might end up surprised at how much hanging cheap string lights and lighting some candles elevates the mood and the photoshoot. String lights, ring lights, candles, or even opening the curtains can have a big impact on the quality of your photos.

Try adding a sexy twist to everyday situations

No one is interested in seeing your dirty dishes, but you can pose in front of them as you pretend to watch them with soapy bubbles naked. This means you have taken a messy thing in your home and turned it into a sexy prop for your photo shoot.

Dollar storage can work well

Tiaras, fake flowers, cheap fluffy rugs, and balloons are some of the things you can get and you won’t spend much on them. Your photos will turn out great without spending a fortune on props.

Good poses for OnlyFans

If you are an influencer or content creator, you know everything looks better when you pose it correctly. When you nail the poses, you can hide the things you are insecure about and show off your best assets. Take time to learn about poses and how you can take full advantage.

You, but add a twist

Have you ever wondered how you would look with blonde hair? Or maybe a different eye color? There are a lot of things that can be changed using props or photo editing that will give your photos a twist fans. Your fans are going to appreciate it and you will know more about what they like.

Steamy editing tricks like beautiful black and whites

Editing can make or break a brand when it comes to any type of influencing. When you nail down the editing, the photos will look sexy and timeless. Too much editing or bad editing will make the photo look undesirable and cheap. There are many editing apps out there you can use to take your photos to the next level.

OnlyFans Pictures and Photoshoot Ideas

onlyfans picture dieas

Looking for some OnlyFans Picture Ideas but not so sure what to do or lacking inspiration? Here are some great OnlyFans ideas for pictures and photoshoots.

1. Bathroom Classic / A Steamy Shower

A shower or bath scene is one of the most relaxing things. If you are taking a bath, then bubbles and petals are an immediate win and smell amazing too. The bubble is going to add to the process and your audience will really enjoy the virtual bath they are taking with you.

You shouldn’t let the room become too steamy especially if you are taking the shots using a high-end DSLR Camera because they are sensitive. Use the phone on a phone tripod if you want to capture all the right angles. If it is a solo shoot, then keep in mind throughout the scene what you want the audience to see. 

If you want to take stills, use the Timer functions. Phones are not that good at handling water sports.

2. Bedroom Scenes

The bedroom is the default location for most creators because it is tried and tested. If you have an extra room, then set it up. The room needs to be individual to everyone because it is where you invite the audience. Below are some of the Dos and Don’ts you should know when filming in your bedroom.

Don’t display any personal photos or items in your shots – Smartphones today take amazing quality images that can be zoomed in and the smaller details become easier to find. No family member signed up to appear in your videos, so make sure they aren’t in them.

DO try shooting in different rooms – this is not always possible for many creators but lighting and Tripods are not Feng Shui requirements. One benefit of having your own shooting room is you can start creating content quickly. When there are a lot of barriers to entry, it becomes harder to film. This is not good for your business. This is a great OnlyFans picture idea.

DO accessorize the background so it matches your personality.

Curtain Lights

They provide you with a great and cost-effective way of covering the window or adding a backdrop to your videos. You also have the option of changing the colors of the LED to change the mood. 

Candle sets

These allow you to add a cozy flavor to the top of the tables and drawers that are on your shots. There is a wide range of options to choose from. Check them out and see which one works best for you.

3. Out on Location

Shooting outside is an amazing way of giving your audience an interesting piece of content. You can decide to send them as private collections in your DM’s or make it another reason for followers to pay for the content by becoming paying subscri

Safety First – it might be a good idea to have someone help you if you are thinking about going solo. It is possible to do solo shoots using outdoor tripods and selfie sticks but the results are not going to be the same as those when you have a professional. A photography and videography professional is going to take the content to the next level. Check out our guide to staying safe.

Back to nature in the woods

The lush greens, thick brown trunks, and the sounds when you are in the woods are going to give a great backdrop for your videos and photos, which adds spice to your account. It is not that hard to find a quiet location where you can shoot, but you need to be careful. Try avoiding the prime dog walking times in the Evening, Morning, or Noon so as to reduce traffic. The woods are great for partner and solo shots. Shooting yourself using a phone can work well in this location and it makes it seem more naughty.

You should also film your journey heading to the woods – it is going to add to the story and not just the happy ending.

On the Beach

The sand on your feet, the wind in your hair, and the blue ocean – there is nowhere better to get amazing shots than the beach.  They send out the “wish you were here” vibes to the audience. It is important to have a beach shots collection in your catalog on OnlyFans. Your audience is going to experience a virtual holiday with you and will be ready to pay to get it. If your shots are good, many people are going to pay for the content.

This could be awkward if you don’t live close to a beach. You need to plan for a vacation even if it is for a few hours. One of the benefits of working for yourself on the internet is having control of your finances and also a work-life balance. You can have fun as you work, which isn’t something most people can do.

Some of the things you should have when going to shoot on the beach include – Sunglasses, 3-4 Changes of outfit, Hats, Drinks, Towels, Oils, and Sun creams.

Other good locations for content are; walks up hills, cars, castles, kayaking, shopping center changing rooms, airplane bathrooms, etc. You can go wild when choosing locations, but keep in mind that these adventurous locations will involve more planning and more risk.

All of these OnlyFans photo ideas are easy to implement and can make for some compelling content.

How to Take Great OnlyFans Pictures – What do you Need?

It is hard to shoot photos when you don’t have the required gadgets to help in getting the best shots. If you want to build a following on OnlyFans, you need to provide quality content. You can provide your subscribers with quality content when you have a good device that takes high-quality photos and videos. Below are some of the devices you need.


This is the first device you need to have. You can get started with your phone because they take amazing photos. There are many smartphone brands out there, meaning you can find one that is within your budget and takes great photos.

Apple devices use iOS while the other ones use Android as the operating system.

iPhone tends to cost a little more compared to Android phones. You should take the time to have a look at your budget before you buy a phone. It is important to have a smartphone because that is where you download the application that you share content through. Make sure you take your time when choosing a smartphone.

Use the Right Light for OnlyFans pictures

It is hard to take good photos without proper lighting. It is important to have proper lighting because it is going to have a big impact on the quality of the photos and videos.  This is why you need to buy a ring light because it will help you a lot.

Many people prefer to use ring lights over white lights because they offer various shades. You can choose to use a lamp or the room’s lighting instead of the right light because the focus won’t be on you. Invest in a ring light to improve the quality of your shots.


It is hard to click on every photo using your phone in your hand, which is why you should get a stand to help you out. You need to get a Tripod to help you with this. When choosing a tripod, make sure you look for the right one. Your smartphone is going to determine the tripod you need.

A tripod is a good investment that is easy to use, flexible, and easy to set up. It can be placed on any surface. The tripod needs to let you adjust the height and swivels. You will have an easier time taking your shots when you have a Tripod.


Audio is an important part of your content. Some focus too much on video and not enough on audio. Doing this can affect the quality of your content. You should invest in a good microphone so that the video has clear audio. You can choose a lapel or directional microphone. The directional microphone is a little more expensive, which is why you should get a lapel microphone for a start.

Lapel microphones can be used with any smartphone; you just have to connect them to your phone. You should take your time choosing your microphone so you end up with one that produces clear and loud sounds. When people watch your content, they will appreciate the video and audio quality.

Digital Camera

There are some limitations when taking photos using a smartphone. They don’t take high-definition photos compared to a camera. A digital camera takes better quality photos because they have a better aperture. You should invest in a digital camera.

Your images need to be high quality for your audience to connect with them. Check out the options in the market, and then compare them based on the features, pricing, and image quality. You should go through the camera specs before you choose one that works best for you.

If you want to succeed, make sure your photos and videos are high quality. Below are some tips to help in creating the best quality content on OnlyFans.

Using quality equipment to create for OnlyFans images

It can be hard to know the right equipment to invest in, especially as an amateur. You need to begin with the basic equipment. When the account starts growing, you can begin replacing the equipment with the latest and more expensive ones. This is a good way of improving the quality of your content. Your subscribers are going to appreciate this. 

Dressing up and putting on a great show is not going to do much if the photos or videos are not quality. There are many products out there offering the same type of service, so it is up to you to choose what works best for you. Once you figure out the right type of equipment, order it. When you start using the equipment, you learn more, and put you in a better position the next time you want to upgrade or replace it.

Lighting is important for great OnlyFans images

Lighting is one of the most important things in photography – lighting is going to take or add life to your photos. When you don’t have proper lighting, images taken in the best setup are going to look average or poor. You can brighten the image using photo-editing tools, but keep in mind that they too have their limitations.

Lighting is also going to be affected by the location you are shooting. It also varies with the theme or type of photo you want to take. Make sure you have a good understanding of what you want to create before bringing it to life.

Take time to learn about lighting because it will have a big impact on the quality of the photo. You don’t have to always depend on a professional photographer to take your photos. Learn more about lighting so you can take great photos and videos.

Taking multiple shots 

You need to take more than one shot so you have the option of choosing one. When you have a couple of options to choose from, you most likely go with the one that looks great. 

Before you can start taking photos, begin with test shots so you can know whether the lighting is good or not. The test shots will show whether the setup is how you want it or not.

Once you are done with the test shots, take as many photos as possible. You can then check them out and see which one turned out the best. You can delete the rest once you find the best one.

Editing images using software for the best OnlyFans images

Even if you use the above tips, you still need to edit the photos. Editing images lets you add more life to them and they become more presentable. Editing software helps with this. Take the time to learn how to use them because they will help a lot.

There are many options when it comes to software. Choose one then master it. You need to learn about adding watermarks, filters, and cropping photos. Once you have mastered one, using the others becomes pretty easy.

Having fun with content creation 

Don’t feel overwhelmed when shooting photos. They need to show that you enjoyed taking the shots. The photo coming out as natural is great for your account. You should explore new things as you take your photos or videos because it makes a lot of difference.


It is easy to create unique and quality content for your OnlyFans and Fanvue when you use the above tips. You don’t have to spend a fortune before you take amazing photos. Get started with the basic equipment and learn along the way. You will find yourself in a good position in no time.

Everything will be sorted during the journey, just get started. Look for creative ways to create content and portray your account, and everything will work well for you.

If you need some help with your OnlyFans marketing, our OnlyFans marketing agency is here to help – contact us

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